ASSEMBLY (Room 12)

22 Mar 2018 08:45am

Congratulations to the following students who will be presented with an Honour Certificate at our next Assembly on Thursday 22 March:

Room 3 Pre Primary:

Hudson Easterday and Anna Sue

Room 4 Pre Primary:

Sheldon Gan and Logan Read

Room 5 Pre Primary:

Matilda Horner and Daniel Sidhu

Room 6 Year 1:

Addison Masci and Nikita Sliusenko

Room 7 Year 1/2:

Lara Tanel and Casey Agnew

Room 8 Year 1:

Colter Clifton-Short and Lily Howard

Room 9 Year 2:

Alina Sun and Hunter Horner

Room 10 Year 1:

Charlotte Constantine and Henry Bonneville

Room 11 Year 3:

Amelia Vulin and Maya Tegg 

Room 12 Year 3:

Ava Foomani and Tanya Tham

Room 13 Year 5:

Toby Anand and Geena Hathway

Room 14 Year 4/5:

Dylan Ratter and Idris Fisher

Room 15 Year 6:

Piya Whittle and Wai King Hong

Room 16 Year 5/6:

Henry Hopper and Alex Li

Room 17 Year 6:

Ella Scofield and Danylo Sliusenko

Room 18 Year 2:

Charlotte McCoy and Brayden Olivieri

Room 19 Year 2/3:

Dana Anmar and Lauren Watson

Room 20 Year 4:

Xander Mackie and Heidi Yaeger

Room 21 Year 4:

Jett-James Radojkovich and Brooke Langley


Madelene Matthews (Room 8) and Daniel Siaw (Room 12)


Nikita Sliusenko (Room 6) and Paige Horak (Room 16)


Savannah Seidl (Room 19) and Brendan Pritchard (Room 21)