Faction Swimming Carnival Years 4-6

02 Mar 2018 10:30am

Students will travel to the venue by bus which is departing at 9:45am for a 10:30am start and returning at approximately 2:45pm.  Students will be supervised by Applecross staff from Years 4-6.

Students are to wear their bathers under their school uniform to school.

Students should bring the following - 
* Packed lunch and recess 
* 2 Water Bottles
* 2 towels
* Swimming cap
* Sun Cream
* Medical requirements such as Asthma puffer and spacer

Students are required to wear full school uniform, including -
* Applecross PS faction shirt 
* Applecross PS Hat
* Applecrosss PS charcoal skorts or shorts
* Students may wear their thongs to school instead of runners.

Good luck to all competitors!

Schedule of Events