P&C Meeting

UTC19:00:00 Tue Mar 2018

Dear All 

We would like to welcome and encourage all families of our school community to attend the P&C General Meeting on Tuesday, 13 March.  The meeting will be held in the Staff Room and will commence at 7pm sharp and will conclude by 9pm.

This meeting will determine if the P&C will continue at our school.  We still have three remaining roles to fill within the P&C Executive Team and the P&C is unable to operate unless these roles are filled at the meeting  - 

-       President

-       Vice President/Communications

-       Honorary Secretary

Please be advised that you would need to be nominated and voted in for the respective role at the meeting.  If you would like to vote on the night (and for all 2018) you will need to become a financial member, which costs no more than $1.

The P&C is a great way to get involved at the school and work with a group of like-minded parents.  Whilst there is some hard work involved it is lots of fun and you get a great sense of achievement at the end of each fundraising event.

The P&C has funded some amazing projects over the years (such as the Science Lab, Nature Playgrounds, Air Conditioning, iPads, Kiln, Smartboards, Sound System, and so on) but there are also lots of smaller items the P&C pays for, such as -

-       $3,000 of library books plus the new 90 Kid’s Choice books program

-       Faction ribbons and trophies

-       Bus for Year 6 camp

-       Graduation prizes

-       Teaching resources

Without the P&C, funding for such items will not be possible…..and we still have 23 smartboards to purchase (at around $5,000 per Smartboard)!  This is the biggest request on the school’s wish list for 2018.  Please remember that P&C funding benefits all students during their time at the school.

We look forward to welcoming you to the General Meeting and filling the exec roles in order to continue the amazing fundraising efforts of 2017.

Thank you,

P&C Executive Team