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Honour Certificates

2021 Term 2 Week 3 Honour Certificates 

Congratulations to the next round of students selected by their teacher to receive an Honour Certificate at our next Assembly on Thursday 6 May, starting at 8.45am.  Only two parents of each of these nominated students, are invited to attend this Assembly.


Year 3 Room 10:

Clayton Yu, Eleanor Cantwell and Harvey Quinn

Year 3 Room 11:

Nevin O’Hare and Tiffany Djayawinata

Year 3 Room 13:

Oliver Tolhurst and Matilda Horner

Year 3 Room 23: 

Cecilia Liau and Sheldon Gan

Year 4 Room 20: 

Oliver Norman, Ameer Alzubaidi and Aria Siriwardana

Year 4 Room 21: 

Oliver Spencer-Cotton and Tate Bailey

Year 4 Room 22: 

Mikayla Suripto and Sam Baylis

Year 5 Room 12: 

Brayden Olivieri and Anika Arulsingham

Year 5 Room 14: 

Hunter Horner and Addison Fortmann

Year 5 Room 16: 

Saxon Derecourt, Raima Chowdhury and Levi Masci

Year 6 Room 15: 

Vivian Chen, Celine Gan and Kale Rowe

Year 6 Room 17: 

Caitlin Ting, Eliska Mann and Fin Page


Nova Treichl (Room 11) and Amy Vu (Room 10)


Harrison Morton (Room 11) and Chelsea Hellberg (Room 17)


Nevin O’Hare (Room 11) and Ava Olivieri (Room 23)