Honour Certificates

Congratulations to the following students who will be presented with an Honour Certificate at our next Assembly on Thursday 15 November:

Room 4 Pre Primary:

Jaden Taylor-Rennie and Dylan Chen

Room 5 Pre Primary:

Ashley Bacon and Claire Cong

Room 6 Year 1:

Toby Lee and Isla Tedeschi

Room 7 Year 1/2:

Cláudia Cardaci and Adriel Hiong

Room 8 Year 1: 

Adam Richardson and Skarlet White

Room 9 Year 2: 

Hunter Horner and Yara Alsayed

Room 10 Year 1:

Quinn Bulman and Jaylyna Tran

Room 11 Year 3:

Amelia Vulin and Isaac Buurman

Room 12 Year 3:

Nimue Lai and India Blaxell

Room 13 Year 5:

Sofia Gotsis and Hugh Edmiston

Room 14 Year 4/5: 

Lyla MacLean and Aaron Pereira

Room 15 Year 6: 

Max Rodwell and Jedidiah Chin

Room 17 Year 6: 

Ben Flesher and Ava Gorman

Room 18 Year 2: 

Ella Fox and Reuben Bulman

Room 19 Year 2/3: 

Taiya Spencer-Pepper and Joshua Lee

Room 20 Year 4: 

Jethro Derecourt and Jared Rezvan

Room 21 Year 4: 

Brendan Pritchard and Christopher Hall


Luis Dlugocz (Room 15) and Aria Ellie (Room 14)


Amelia Vulin (Room 11) and Isla Hodgskin (Room 20)


James Branston (Room 18) and Claire Zheng (Room 21)