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Honour Certificates

Term 3 Week 10 Honour Certificates (Assembly Room 21)

Congratulations to the next round of students selected by their teacher to receive an Honour Certificate at our next Senior Assembly on Thursday 23 September, starting at 8.45am.  Only two parents of each of these nominated students, and two parents of students in Room 21 are invited to attend this Assembly.

Year 3 Room 10:

Logan Read and Amy Vu

Year 3 Room 11:

Luke Portmann and Harrison Morton

Year 3 Room 13:

Tahira Nagree and Yuandi Zuo

Year 3 Room 23

Macy Paull and Isla Waylen

Year 4 Room 20

Rhys Rezvan, Benjamin Ishak and David Butcher

Year 4 Room 21

Ethan Clements, Ellie Chen and Rayan Yazdani

Year 4 Room 22

Celia Dlugocz, Aurora Nicholas and Elias Kang

Year 5 Room 12

Oliver Turnbull and Lauren Ellerton

Year 5 Room 14

Mafalda Rego and James Taylor

Year 5 Room 16

Zavier Dowling and Rielly Caldwell

Year 6 Room 15

Amelia Adams, Romane Hamlin and Ellie Davies

Year 6 Room 17

Savannah Seidl and Kevin Lee


Esu Javkhlanbaatar (Room 12) and Yanming Li (Room 20)


Coco Liu (Room 11) and Noah Cornish (Room 17)


Salma Mohdar (Room 17) and Ava Foomani (Room 15)