T4 Value

Honour Certificates and Citizenship Awards

Congratulations to the following students who will be presented with an Honour Certificate at our next Assembly on Thursday 24 October:

Room 3 Pre Primary:

Isabelle Slee, Leo Kain and Mikayla Ishak

Room 4 Pre Primary:

Grace Tingley and Joshua Ho

Room 5 Pre Primary:

Jensen Trappitt and Aishani Sivaanujan

Room 6 Year 1:

Lilian Chen and Coco Liu

Room 7 Year 1:

Thea Thompson and Riley Mitchell

Room 8 Year 1: 

Sam Ellis and Lucy Shaw

Room 9 Year 1: 

Hudson Easterday and Ivy-Rose Annetts

Room 10 Year 2:

Clàudia Cardaci and Jaden Brinkley

Room 11 Year 2:

Oscar Colica and Sophia Cai

Room 12 Year 3:

Casey Agnew and Eli Hodgskin

Room 13 Year 3:

Anika Arulsingham and Blaize Fortmann

Room 14 Year 5: 

Alex O’Leary and Alex Mustapic

Room 15 Year 6: 

Jack Songhurst, Evan Wong and Denzel Smith

Room 16 Year 5: 

Jett-James Radojkovich and Noah Karantonis

Room 17 Year 6: 

Jett Hammond-Ritchie and Naomi Goh

Room 18 Year 2/3: 

Yueqi Huang and Amelia Nuttman

Room 19 Year 2: 

Alexander Deuchar and Ryker Langley

Room 20 Year 4: 

Chelsea Hellberg and Benjamin Sidhu

Room 21 Year 4: 

Isaac Buurman and Keira Wong


Sylvie Burdett (Room 10) and Gus Lewis (Room 15)


Ider Barnuud (Room 16) and Olivia Seaber (Room 20)


Ashley Bacon (Room 6) and Oliver Petersen (Room 18)