Honour Certificates

Congratulations to the following students who will be presented with an Honour Certificate at our next Assembly on Thursday 28 February:

Room 3 Pre Primary:

Emilie Tackenberg and Hugo Cardaci

Room 4 Pre Primary:

Joshua Abbaszadeh and Ethan Wang

Room 5 Pre Primary:

Harleen Karlsey and Samir El-Sallam

Room 6 Year 1:

Aiden Jeyarajah and Zara Kwok

Room 7 Year 1:

Logan Read and Nevin O’Hare

Room 8 Year 1: 

Clayton Yu and Ivy Hu

Room 9 Year 1: 

Ivy-Rose Annetts and Khristian Bacchelli-Khoo

Room 10 Year 2:

Charlotte Constantine and Rayan Yazdani

Room 11 Year 2:

Ameer Alzubaidi and Adam Richardson

Room 12 Year 3:

Charlotte McCoy and Evan Woo

Room 13 Year 3:

Max Liu and Edward Stagg

Room 14 Year 5: 

Brooke Langley and Sienna Flesher

Room 15 Year 6: 

Ally Ellerton and Madison Grant

Room 16 Year 5: 

Rose Edmiston and Drew Hughes

Room 17 Year 6: 

Richard Chaufik and Sofia Gotsis

Room 18 Year 2/3: 

Celeste Heath and Noah Bridges

Room 19 Year 2: 

Andy Galvin and Lara Tanel

Room 20 Year 4: 

Shaadwal Bharati, Salma Mohdar and Olivia Seaber

Room 21 Year 4: 

Mack Seton and Isla Hatton


James Barker (Room 14) and Ethel Ho (Room 13)


Mario Bossilkov (Room 14) and Alina Sun (Room 18)


Leah Mackie (Room 10) and Oscar Colica (Room 11)