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Honour Certificates

Congratulations to the following students who will be presented with an Honour Certificate at our next Assembly on Thursday 21 June:

Room 3 Pre Primary:

Ruby Cowen and Edylon Neo

Room 4 Pre Primary:

Seth Bosco and Tomi Tzotzis

Room 5 Pre Primary:

Tahira Nagree and Daniel Liu

Room 6 Year 1:

Poppy Shepherd and Harry Ertzen

Room 7 Year 1/2:

Indilei Johnston and Zoe Tegg

Room 8 Year 1: 

Jenna Phoon and Aurora Nicholas

Room 9 Year 2: 

Ethel Ho and Raefe Kirk

Room 10 Year 1:

Rafferty Turnbull and Jackson Lambe

Room 11 Year 3:

Carla Guzman and Jayden Collier

Room 12 Year 3:

Manya Sindwani and Benjamin Sidhu

Room 13 Year 5:

Arran Munro and Ally Ellerton

Room 14 Year 4/5: 

James Barker and Alex Mustapic

Room 15 Year 6: 

Farah Redelinghuys and Taj Allcott

Room 16 Year 5/6: 

Henry Jones and Paige Horak

Room 17 Year 6: 

Brianna Perry and Ava Gorman

Room 18 Year 2: 

Orlando Aiken Alba and Emily Sader

Room 19 Year 2/3: 

Lachlan Morgon and Gwenllian Fisher

Room 20 Year 4: 

Natalia Cliff-Nemeth and Frank Li

Room 21 Year 4: 

Reuben Thomas and Joshua Vettoor


Wade Ellie (Room 6) and Yara Alsayed (Room 9)


Adam Tan (Room 19) and Siea Sachdeva (Room 21)