T4 Value

Honour Certificates and Citizenship Awards

Congratulations to the following students who will be presented with an Honour Certificate at our next Assembly on Thursday 7 November:

Room 3 Pre Primary:

Evangeline Liu, Harrison Keys and Isabelle Baldock

Room 4 Pre Primary:

Elias Samimi and Chloe Malland

Room 5 Pre Primary:

Juliana Draffin and Aaliyah Littlewood-Monk

Room 6 Year 1:

Isla Waylen and Tomi Tzotzis

Room 7 Year 1:

Matilda Horner and Tahira Nagree

Room 8 Year 1: 

Clayton Yu and Ivy Hu

Room 9 Year 1: 

Harrison Morton and Chantelle Hee

Room 10 Year 2:

Zoe Tegg and Charlotte Constantine

Room 11 Year 2:

Caitlyn Wong and Quinn Bulman

Room 12 Year 3:

Jackson Daws, Caleb Thomas and Talia Tzotzis

Room 13 Year 3:

Raphael Siaw, Pippa Howarth and Ella Brannen

Room 14 Year 5: 

Mario Bossilkov, Isaac Armstrong, Emily Lin and Olivia Stroud

Room 16 Year 5: 

Kofi Barnard and Otto Hori

Room 18 Year 2/3: 

Chanelle Hardwich and Sienna Mule

Room 19 Year 2: 

Sam Baylis and Naim Nagree

Room 20 Year 4: 

Marcus Thompson and Julia Montgomery

Room 21 Year 4: 

Flynn Nicholas, Amelia Vulin and Eduardo Siqueira Borrher


Aurora Nicholas (Room 19) and Carla Guzman (Room 20)


Oliver Turnbull (Room 12) and Amelia Adams (Room 21)


Jethro Derecourt (Room 14) and Jacob Heath (Room 16)