Business Plan 2024 -2026

Applecross Primary School is a happy and productive place where students, staff and the community work closely together to maintain a vibrant place of learning.  We have a strong tradition of high achievement that is actively pursued by all who are involved in the school. 

The indigenous heritage of the area on which the school stands is recognised and honoured. Information boards have been installed. The school community acknowledges the strong ties to the land and the significant contribution Aboriginal people have made to the area.

Our strategic direction and intent is driven by our underlying culture of Excellence in the Community.  Our Motto, Purpose and Values reflect our efforts to provide outstanding educational opportunities for the children and families that choose to become part of the Applecross Community.  Our Business Plan documents our strong commitment to delivering these opportunities.   

Our Motto

Our school motto is “Excellence in the Community” and it is by this motto that we set our standards.

Our Vision

Applecross Primary School is to provide an innovative learning community of excellence where we work together to help each child achieve full potential.

Our Purpose

We will strive for excellence in all that we do and embrace strategic and visionary thinking.  We innovate and apply exemplary practice, research and planning to best support each child’s learning experience and achievements.

Our Values

Together We Value:

Integrity:  We act with respect, honesty, care and compassion.
Diversity:  We welcome and celebrate our variety of backgrounds, abilities, needs and talents.
Achievement:  We inspire all children to do their best through discovery, opportunity and challenge.
Growth:  We nurture our students to become confident, happy, responsible, active citizens capable of making  quality decisions now and in the future.

What You Will See Hear and Feel

SEE our students learning enthusiastically in a broad range of activities.  They will be demonstrating a strong work  ethic and showing pride in their achievements.  This will be happening in different settings across the school. 

HEAR children in the playground who are enjoying games. There will be choir, instrumental music, confident and expressive children and encouragement from friends.  HEAR the tones of laughter and celebration and praise from teachers.   We welcome and celebrate our variety of backgrounds, abilities, needs and talents. 

FEEL valued and welcomed into our school.  Our family friendly culture ensures a safe and secure environment for all where we hope you will become involved in our vibrant Applecross community.

Program Delivery

At Applecross Primary School, education programs are designed and delivered to meet the needs of our students.  Whole-school approaches to pedagogy and program delivery are at the forefront of our planning.  Experiences are provided for children to develop skills for life including resilience, problem solving, creativity, thinking skills and the use of technology to assist them with learning. Students have the opportunity to extend and enrich their learning experiences through a range of extra and cross-curricula programs.

Key Focus Areas 2024 - 2026

Our current key focus areas for the duration of this Business Plan are:

  • Teaching Quality

  • Student Achievement

  • Relationships and Partnerships

  • Leadership

The 2024 - 2026 Business Plan can be accessed HERE

The latest Public School Review Report can be accessed HERE