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The Applecross Primary School Board has an official role, as defined by the Department of Education, which includes reviewing school performance; developing and reviewing the school Business Plan; reviewing and approving school budgets and charges; and establishing and reviewing the school’s objectives, priorities and general policy directions. In addition to this official role, we agree to be ambassadors and advocates for the school; develop a culture of service; support our staff, and be available to other parents.

2023 Board Chair Report 

The School Board is made up of a combination of parent representatives and school staff. This provides a unique setting within the school structure to consider matters affecting the school, and relevantly, the environment for our students to strive and thrive. We entered 2023 with the benefit of the board members continuing from the previous years, which provided a stable platform to deal with some significant topics.

A key component of planning and governance of the school is its business plan. Coming to the final year of the current plan (2021 – 2023), the development of the next business plan for 2024 -2026, which will guide the school for the next three years, provided an opportunity to reflect on how the school had progressed over the previous years and the direction for the future. This highlighted that the school had continued to provide an excellent environment for the students, reflected in continued high levels of achievement towards the business plan targets, despite the challenges posed during the life of the plan through changes in the school’s leadership and the disruptions in the world around us.

The development of the business plan was a key thread of discussions through each meeting of 2023. Initially setting out the broad direction and aims of the plan and then refining elements including particular targets and milestones as the year progressed. This culminated in a plan that provides a clear path forward for the school to continue to reflect the values of the Applecross community and endeavour towards targets that maintain the high standards associated with Applecross Primary School.

In concert with the development of the business plan, the Board applied its collective mind diligently to the core business of ongoing monitoring and review of policies that ensures these remain current and fit for purpose. In addition, a variety of matters were presented for discussion as they arose during the year with the respectful contributions and collaboration of the parent and staff members to support the approach of the school towards these issues.

With another successful year completed and the school well placed with strong leadership and a contemporary governance framework, 2024 brings a refresh of the Board with a number of new members to bring new perspectives and insights. On this note, I acknowledge the contributions of Mandana Arshi who departed during the year, departing members Geoff Kirk and Alex Tegg who completed multiple terms, as well as Sanchia Dashlooty after many years of outstanding contribution to the School Board, including multiple terms as Chairperson. Their dedication and commitment went a long way to setting the school up for an exciting and successful journey ahead.

Ryan Keys
Board chair