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What to do if you are considering Applecross Primary School for your son and/or daughter

Applecross Primary School has been gazetted as a local intake school.  This means that places are always available for school aged children residing within our gazetted boundary.  Of course, should there be vacancies, every consideration will be given to enrolling out of boundary students.  Each case will be considered on its merits.  For further information, please contact the school office on 6274 1850.

Applecross Primary School Intake Area Map

In Boundary

(That is, your confirmed residential address is within the school’s gazetted boundary.)

Contact the school by telephone on 6274 1850 to discuss your situation.

You may then be advised to:

  •     Download and complete an Application for Enrolment Form (available HERE).
  •     Bring the completed application to the school with proof of residence, your child’s birth certificate, record of immunisation (ACIR) and visa approval (if applicable).
  •     Applications cannot be received by post without prior arrangement.
  •     You will be advised of your enrolment status once your application has been assessed. 

Out of Boundary

(That is, your residential address is outside the school’s gazetted boundary or you are currently overseas or interstate.)

Contact the school by telephone on +61 (8) 6274 1850 to discuss your situation.

  •     An application for enrolment can only be accepted with confirmed evidence of your local (Western Australian) residential address.
  •     It is not possible to apply for enrolment until you have proof of residence.
  •     Applications cannot be received by post and are subject to approval by the principal.
  •     Please call the school if you require further assistance with your application process.


Application for Enrolment Form

2021 School Charges and Voluntary Contributions 


Out of Boundary Enrolments and Attending Applecross Senior High School

Parents residing outside the Applecross Senior High School zone who have children attending Applecross Primary School, need to be aware that attending Applecross Primary is not a guarantee that their child’s enrolment will be automatically accepted by Applecross Senior High School.

Being a “Local Area Intake School”, as gazetted by Parliament, means that students residing within the enrolment area will be guaranteed a place and those living outside may be redirected to their local high school if Applecross Senior High has no capacity to accept them.

Click HERE for more information regarding student enrolment


The School Dress Code

The school has developed a dress code that requires all children to wear a school uniform or to seek an exemption through the Principal.  Sanctions can be applied where students regularly choose not to wear full school uniform.  

The Clothing Boutique is open on a Wednesday and Friday morning, from 8.15am to 10.15am.

Applecross Primary School Dress Code 

Clothing Boutique Price List / Order Form