At Applecross Primary School we have a whole school approach to the delivery of the Curriculum.  This is achieved through the use of documentation provided by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority; the Authority’s materials and resources support our teachers in their work.  The Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline sets out the mandated curriculum, guiding principles for teaching, learning and assessment and support for teachers in their assessment and reporting of student achievement.

In addition we have developed our own Scope and Sequence documents to assist us with a whole school approach to implementing the Western Australian Curriculum.

To enhance the effectiveness of our curriculum delivery we believe a common pedagogical approach to be the most effective approach to providing our students with relevant, meaningful and engaging experiences.

A Common Pedagogical Approach

Visitors to our school will see children interacting and supporting each other in an enquiry approach to learning that is reinforced by the teaching of explicit skills and knowledge.

At Applecross Primary School, education programs are designed and delivered to meet the needs of our students. Whole-school approaches to pedagogy and program delivery are at the forefront of our planning. Experiences are provided for children to develop skills for life including resilience, problem solving, and creativity thinking skills. 

We are aiming to establish a culture focused on enquiry and cooperative based learning with student interests at the centre of any learning activity.  To support this whole of school approach we aim to plan and deliver an integrated curriculum encouraging critical thinking and independent learning.  Across Years K-2 an inquiry, play based approach aimed at developing oral language and cooperative skills has emerged as a result of staff working together to present learning experiences that are suitable to Applecross children.

Students moving into the Year 3 environment carry with them an expectation that they will be presented with the opportunity to use their skills of investigation and cooperation to learn and discover new information.  To accommodate this expectation staff working with Year 3 students are developing an approach within and across their classrooms that offers students an opportunity to discover new knowledge through cooperative based learning in the curriculum areas of Maths, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS).