At Applecross Primary School we have a whole school approach to the delivery of the Curriculum.  This is achieved through the use of documentation provided by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority; the Authority’s materials and resources support our teachers in their work.  The Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline sets out the mandated curriculum, guiding principles for teaching, learning and assessment and support for teachers in their assessment and reporting of student achievement.

In addition we have developed our own Scope and Sequence documents to assist us with a whole school approach to implementing the Western Australian Curriculum.

To enhance the effectiveness of our curriculum delivery we believe a common pedagogical approach to be the most effective approach to providing our students with relevant, meaningful and engaging experiences.

ENGLISH:  Our school has committed to the development of a whole school approach to the teaching of English. This encompasses common pedagogical approaches as well as the development of scope   and sequence documents that guide staff in planning, pedagogy, targeted outcomes and the measurement of student progress.

MATHEMATICS:  Our school has committed to the development of a whole school approach to the teaching of Mathematics. The program consists of comprehensive, flexible, topic based components that ensure our teachers are able to tailor their pedagogy to effectively reach every student

SCIENCE:   Our program enables staff and students to engage in a wide variety of science activities as well the use of integrated technologies. We allow for the provision of experiences in science, in our purpose designed primary science facility by integrating technologies, engineering, arts and maths. The school continues to have a strong association with Water Corp, Scitech and Curtin University.     

HASS:  Students are given opportunities to explore the world, past, present and future to appreciate the world in which we live.  An integrated approach is linked to child/teacher interest and relevant to individual and group interests.  Year level groups have collaborative plans which allows for cross-curricular planning in reading, maths and technologies.

THE ARTS: (Visual Art, Music): The Visual Arts and Music programs at Applecross are designed to encourage imagination, creativity, curiosity and problem solving.  Students respond to the arts by working with the elements and utilizing a variety of skills, techniques and processes. Opportunities exist to engage with the arts in the community through performances and exhibitions .

PHYSICAL EDUCATION & HEALTH:  To enable students to make informed decisions about their daily food, exercise  (activity) levels and mental wellbeing, and provide them with skills and knowledge to implement this successfully.

TECHNOLOGIES:  Students are to be exposed to an enquiry-based approach to the WA Curriculum.  This cyclical approach encourages students to investigate, design, produce, evaluate and collaborate.  This process can be incorporated across curricula areas through coding, spheros, Edisons, dash & dot and iPads.

LANGUAGES (French):  We aim to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to communicate in French, respect cultural differences and develop an awareness of how language, culture and learning shape a student’s world.

EXTENDING STUDENT INTERESTS:  A wide array of individual student interests are catered for during lunchtime and after school sessions in the form of environmental awareness through vegetable gardening and recycling, animal husbandry through caring for chickens, chess classes, coding classes, drone flying, choir and the provision of opportunities for Gifted and Talented students.