Applecross Primary School uses a consistent approach to numeracy to ensure all students can consolidate their learning.  Our maths operational plan provides for evidence-based programs and activities through the application of inquiry.  Daily Reviews consolidate learning in the key sub-strands of:-

Number/Algebra (basic number facts, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, times tables, place value, fractions, decimals, money, numeracy vocabulary, problem-solving)

Measurement (time, time facts, calendars, timetables, abbreviations, vocabulary, conversions, problem-solving)

Geometry (shapes, directions, lines, angles, vocabulary, problem-solving)

Statistics/Probability (fractions, percentages, decimals, graphing, probability, vocabulary, problem-solving)

School resources in Numeracy include:

  • PR1ME
  • Back-to-Front Maths
  • Numero – targeting fluency and problem-solving
  • reSolve – Maths by inquiry
  • Maths 300

Numeracy Whole School Approaches